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How to find us, and what is near by.



We are located at 11-13 Lygon St Brunswick VIC 3056, located on level 1 we have a unique office that will suite all business needs.



What is near by...

  • Tram 1 and 8 stop right at our door.
  • 1 minute ride from the bike capital city trail route. (Perfect for the bike enthusiast)
  • share car is parked at the front. (View More about Fernando the Yaris)
  • 19 minutes to the airport (view google maps for route)
  • 15 minutes into the CBD via tram or driving (quicker if not stuck behind the tram you should have caught)
  • Closest train station is Jewell on the upfield line.
  • An abundance of Restaurants and Cafes! (It is what Lygon St is famous for!)
  • 2P parking right at the front and side & all day parking in side streets




Have you heard of coworking and hot desks in Melbourne

If you’re involved in business, innovation and entrepreneurial activity from the inside or outside looking in, then you’ll notice that it is a trend that is here to stay. This is obvious because start-ups can pop up at any moment and businesses are thriving on lower and lower costs of production. 

One of the main issues start-ups face is being able to have a professional, friendly working environment where they can meet with potential clients and also speak with other people in the industry or anyone who may have ideas or thoughts that they’d like to hear about and share - which is why renting a desk in a Coworking space in Brunswick like at the bee hive is booming in popularity.

Start-ups have little capital - this is true for most, anyway, and a lot of start-ups find it hard to justify the costs of setting up an office, fax, kitchen, toilet: on top of paying for utilities when they need to spend their hard earned investment capital on the development and perfection of their ideas.

By renting a desk from  the bee hive a Coworking space in Brunswick, it is easy to limit the cost of these externalities and still present an image to the world and those around you that displays professionalism and integrity.

Included in the cost of your desk rental is all of the necessities to run and engage with the business world, like the aforementioned wifi, fax, kitchen and toilets for some examples.

There aren’t just desks and phone lines to rent though, some coworking spaces are targeted specifically for industries like art, development and many more.

Browse the bee hive a Coworking space in Brunswickto learn about the benefits of shared space by expanding your horizons and social circle to enjoy networking, lower costs and everything else that comes as part of the package!

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