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Welcome to The Bee Hive!

Entrepreneurs doing buzziness

Enter a world of professional office space at a fraction of the cost! We believe that every business, large or small, deserves quality office space to project that professional image to customers and clients – but not everybody needs an entire office floor – and this is where The Beehive comes into play. Hire a desk with us and you will get all the associated benefits of an office like kitchen space, meeting rooms, fast internet, telephone access and much more… For more info fill out the form below



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At The Bee Hive we are open to all for free trials for anyone wanting to test out our coworking space in Melbourne. 

Trials are on the first Wednesday of the month bookings are essential due to space requirements. 

To join in on our trials visit our meet up page!

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Shared Office Space Melbourne - WORKING FROM HOME WAS SO LAST YEAR

In the digital age it is becoming so much easier for people to work from home and on the go and much less necessary for them to be physically at their brick and mortar businesses or fully fitted and serviced office spaces. 

A lot of start-ups don’t have the capital to hire office space for their business individually as a lot of their investment is going into the development and growth of their idea and business.

Many coworking space in Melbourne have fully fitted desks, bathrooms and everything else in between and benefits these businesses that are freelancers or start-ups in a lot of ways that are measurable not only in a monetary sense!

Renting a desk in a coworking space Melbourne such as the bee hive is an example of one of these spaces with great benefits to all business owners and freelancers. You’ll be able to meet people in your industry or related ones that will be able to benefit you with being able to share ideas and thoughts, and your networking will increase as a result!

Because the Shared Office Space in Melbourne is all inclusive of all the costs involved in the office, you won’t need to worry about an internet bill, utility or any other overheads - just a simple fee that will give you the desk and space you need to get your work done, which means lower costs and overheads so your expenses will stop eating into your potential profits!

Having fast speed internet is important if you work online or require access to information on the web on demand - which is all a part of the package.

Regardless of your style of work or idea in business, you’ll need social skills - and these can be lost if you spend all of your time in your home office or bedroom working, so you’ll be able to widen your social exposure and as a result your social skills will increase and your networks too!

Meeting rooms are also a huge part of business, regardless of size, so as such you’ll have access to these as well in a coworking space like at the Bee Hive. The image you’ll give to your business as a result of renting a desk in a Shared Office Space is that of innovation and forward thinking: in such an entrepreneurial time this couldn’t be any more important!

Browse through our blog regarding the benefits of coworking at the bee hive and elsewhere in Melbourne to learn more or contact us to discuss any questions, queries or anything you’re interested in today!

coworking spaces Melbourne are really the way of the future so rent a desk and get out of the home/café office! That’s JUST so 2013!


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